Monday 10 January 2011

Pesky Prusskies

I've been asked a few times for pictures of my completed Prussians ( well, Landwehr cavalry and grenadier battalion to come......)
Here they are: all Foundry and Calpe with some Perry's in there as I liked the figures.

They are on my new terrain layout purchased from pseudo Welshman Gareth Lane.

Now you cannuicks and Frogs have no excuse not to come over for a game.

For the record the infantry comprises of:
One line regiment - 3 battalions and Jaegar
One reserve regiment - 3 battalions
One Landwehr regiment - 4 battalions and volunteer Jaegar
Cavalry comprises of:
One cuirassier regiment
One dragoon regiment
One hussar regiments
One Silesian Uhlan regiment

Artillery comprises of:
One foot battery - 2 x 12lbs
One horse battyer - 2 x 6lbs and howitzer

There are also:
Brigade command stand
Blucher p*ssed out of his mind plus minders
Artillery command
Two senior commands
Light cavalry brigade command
Heavy cavalry brigade command.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Absolutely outstanding RTB,
    What a stunning looking army. It's great to see a well painted Prussian army
    Really like what you are doing with your photo's, very interesting especially the 1 with blucher ordering the retreat and the landwher pic 2nd from last for some reason landwhere always look the coolest infantry to me? must be all the little white crosses and details?

  2. Great photos, RTB, and I agree with Paul - it's excellent to see so many Prussians in one place. Did you get lots of drinking done over Christmas?


  3. Buenos tardes gents. Thanks for the kind words and Giles,the odd glass of quality rouge (plus more than the odd excellent beer)may have been consumed. I didnt actually manage a drink until Saturday just gone as I felt a wee bit under the weather after celebrating x mas and new year. Must have been a cold.........

  4. Great looking army Roger, superbly done. I like the new layout, btw.

  5. Nice photo's, especailly the second picture, with the effect of the light and shadow, was this meant????

  6. Very nice Roger. I like the terrain too, very dynamic, makes a change from the generic flat stuff.

    I should say that your photos caused me yesterday to dig out some Calpe figures that I bought almost a year ago and start to organise them for painting. My next project I am considering is Placenoit, so I believe. I have almost settled on starting with elements of von Bulow's IV Korps, but still a little up in the air about it.

    Anyway these photos are quite encouraging.


  7. That's a lotta pesky Prussians alright! I do like a well-painted Prussian army and the Landwehr in particular. I also like the excellent 'atmospherics' you've achieved with some of your photos, especially the one with old pisspot Blucher doing his "Forwarts meine Kinder!" bit. Great stuff.