Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy new year

Long time no hear..............and its all my own fault. Or more correctly clients. I've been working for a living and its just not on.

First of all a quick roll call of painting for 2010.

6 x 36 fig Foundry French light infantry for a commission
5 x 24 Front Rank Bavarians - commission
40 odd Front Rank Bavarian cavalry and staff - commission
6 x guns and 4 crew Front Rank Bavarians - commission
4 x guns and 3 crew each Foundry Bavarians - commission
16 x Bavarian Foundry cavalry - commission
A load of Foundry Bavarian infantry and staff - commission
12 x Foundry guard chasseur a cheval - commission

5 x 30 Foundry Russians - mine! All mine!
2 x 36 Foundry French line - mine!
12 Bavarian cavalry and two generals - mine!
37 x 2 Bavarian infantry - mine!
1 x 18 Bavarian infantry - mine!
2 x Bavarian guns and 14 crew - mine
15 x 3 Russian cavalry regiments - mine!
Napoleon and headquarters staff Perry - mine!
3 x Prussian Foundry horse artillery and 20 crew and command - mine!
16 x Foundry Prussian cuirassier - mine!

Not a bad year then really.

I've got plans to finish my Russians, do a couple of commissions and add to my French with Perrys. Also should have completed the purchase of my allied 1815 army to start painting the end of 2011.

Hope to get some pictures of the completed Prussian army and my new terrain layout soon.

Also you will see my new painting website soon and I am hyoping to take more commission work on as I am getting fed up with this marketing malarkey. Too much stress and not enough drinking time.


  1. Hi Roger, great to hear from you! Will you be at Salute?


  2. Lot of painting done commision as non-commissioned! Keep up the painting!

    Eagerly waiting to see more painted miniatures, need some inspiration for my own unpainted napoleonics!


  3. That is a lot of figures, you do a great job, I got to examine some of your work at Iannick's when we had a game last spring.

    Look forward to you new sites.


  4. Many thanks gents. And a happy new year to you all.

    My new site is: http://www.miniaturepaintingworld.com/

  5. Swish site; hope it goes well for you!