Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Polish High Command has arrived!

Yes, they've only been in the pipeline for 2 years but Murawski Miniatures has now launched Napoleonic Polish High Command.

First up is Poniatowski who is shown on a rearing horse

 Next is the replacement cavalry general. I didnt think the old pose worked and much prefer this one

 The Prince standing up in the saddle. We may get this reworked.

 The cavalry general on the rearing horse
 Poniatowski on a galloping horse
 This figue works as either an infantry colonel or brigadier general in field clothing.
 A figure which works as either a general or hogh ranking staff officer / adc
 Poniatowski on standing horse.
 Chef de brigade, new ADC and the Prince
 General etc on standing horse.
 We got this figure done as the Colpack was not unknown to the Poles, their general disregard for uniformity and I think he looks really good. Again suitable as either a colonel, general or ADC
 Chef de Brigade ( or staff officer for that matter ) on galloping horse.

Hope you like them.  Contact details details via the profile on this blog or the murawskiminiatures website.