Monday 26 March 2012

Paul Hicks designed Poles

 Designed by Paul Hicks
 Casting and moulds by Griffin
 Bases by Warbases
Flag by GMB
Painting my me!
Mr Hicks has a sense of humour - JPR Williams
 1st battalion of the 5th regiment in 1812-14

 Sean Fitzpatrick on the left
 Unpainted Poles are available for sale from me now.
 Some of the faces are brilliant
 The full battalion
 With skirmishers and command
Hope you like

Thursday 15 March 2012

Swiss and Lasalle

 These Foundry figures were painted a few years back and are now in the collection of Arch Duke Charles (link to his site is on your right).
 He liked these figures so much he was always nagging me to sell them to him so I did.
He has taken the pictures and rebased them. I think he has done a great job on them.
 These are Victrix Swiss that are in my collection. I thnk my painting style has improved a great deal but I really like the Foundry French infantry in campaign gear. 
I sold ADC this chap as well - Lasalle from Front Rank - again my painting and his basing.

Hope you enjoy.