Friday 15 August 2014

Refight of Dresden - sort of

Back in late June we had our annual game ( I am not much of a gamer but once a year I will throw dice, drink booze and indulge in pyschological warfare with my so called friends ). This year, mainly due to the fact that I insisted on using my Poles, we did a sort of refight of Dresden.

Now I know the Poles werent at Dresden but were engaged in some pretty ferocious fighting off to the French left. Hence, we constructed a game where the Poles and Russians were engaged off to the left for control of heights and bridges across the river which led to the main action between the French and the allies.

Dresden was represented by some redoubts and a few buildings with the rest of teh table being pretty bare. All in all we used around 2,500 figures with the allies winning a pretty decisive victory primarily due to:

Redeploying the armies
Gamesmanship - I wont go into know what you did Daryl!
French stupidity - you know what you did Jeff!
The pinning of the Poles by the monster Russian artillery battery

The Poles did eventually drive the Russians off and held both the heights and the bridges but the French were in total disarray. The French Cuirassier division ( under my command of course ) did salvage some honour wiping out the Prussian cavalry and if the game had gone on probably taking out a lot of the Prussian infantry as well.

All in all great fun. Lots of booze, lots of food and some excellent banter. Now the pictures................