Thursday 5 April 2012

Heroic Poles and commands

 We recently had a Borodinesue battle at Chez Blaireau featuring 2,000+ figures. The players were moi, Ken P, Big Red Bat, and Will "the cabbage" De Pretre. And Puss.............
 The Russians won but BRB is covering the battle on his blog but I wanted to show some pictures of my Perry Russian command.
 Perry's - lovely to paint, f*cking horrible to preoare.
 I love this shot Simon took of Ney!
 Napoleon et boys.
 Kutusov (Ken?) is p*ssed and Bagration (RTB obviously) looks dashing.
 The only French unit that performed well was the Poles!  They very nearly swung the battle on their own! Note the inpet Bavarian light infantry..................
 1st and 2nd battalion of the 5th regiment.
 Below are some very old Foundry French line infantry painted by me. I think they may be the first I ever painted actually.  I dont think they ever made it to the front line!