Friday 24 February 2012

My first ever terrain piece and some Guard Chasseurs a pied

 We've got a big game coming up end of April - so called Borodino light - or an excuse to get the toys out! To this end we needed a big hill on which to place the Russian batteries. Please see above for my first efforts at terrain construction with an old / new French guard chasseur battalion.
 Most of the unit was painted about two years ago but I got hold of the above about six months ago.
 They have now been painted bringing the unit upto 36 figures. There is a problem though: my painting has improved and I also forgot which blue I had used for the old figures. Oh well, I think they look ok!
 Here's the completed board with a Russian battery on it for scale.
 Close up of the battery.
 From a bit further away showing the slope.
 Construction was based on a 4x4ft square board I acquired from somewhere. The "hill" is made from some old car matts from my old Alfa Romeo (the garage screwed me on price and didnt include matts on my new car so I took the old ones out of spite!) that have been glued to the board.
The "grass" is constructed of matting from a garden centre that is used to fill hanging baskets.  I think it looks good.
Yes, those are tomato plants; I even picked ten more tomatoes yesterday! 
Hope you like.