Thursday 25 March 2010

Victrix Swiss etc

I have been busy with work, and the six nations, but did manage to finish the Vixtrix Swiss and put a flag on my Prussian Cuirassiers (I know its the wrong one but I dont care).

Saving Private Henri?

Italian Colonel

Italian skirmisher base

Not much to paint to be honest.

Metal colonel

Voltiguer base - very happy with these

And the grenadiers

"Toberones are on me boys!!"

These were assembled by Will in Belgium

Flag by GMB

Do you like the horse Iannick? Foundry paint pallet on that one.

The wine was an excellent Burgundy I enjoyed with a fine Cuban cigar to celebrate completion.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Victrix are fine figures but I just dont enjoy painting them to be honest. They can be hard work and if you dont know the French uniform, and whats meant to go where, you may struggle.

Monday 1 March 2010

Tanoch dros cymru!

..or happy St David's day. As a nation we jsut gifted France a game, and probably Les Grand Slam as well. The England scrum half gifted Ireland the game at Aich'Q and Scotland gifted Italy the game by being dire. Wasnt it nice of them all to join in the fun?

February total was:

36 Prussian Calpe reservists - quite happy with them

18 Foundry Prussian Cuirassiers - like the horses but not happy with the figures at all. Hope you enjoy the pictures.