Monday 30 May 2011

Perry French line lancers

 Completed unit of 12 figures
 Nice figures
 Still have to get, and paint, the six rear rankers with swords
 I hated putting the pennants on - GMB
 .......unto the valley of death..............
 Oops!  Wrong war.
 The casuality figures are very nice
 Iannicks favourite horse - hope you enjoy the pictures

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Foundry French horse artillery

 My horse artillery for my little army
 Officer in charge of team
 Flash git officer, bungler and officer with pointy thing
 Side view of one gun and crew
 Battery with teams

Friday 20 May 2011

Russian artillery

 Foundry Russian crew with Front Rank gun
 Command stand
 I much prefer the Front Rank guns and they seem to work with the Foundry crews
 And Foundry dont make Licornes either
 Some French lancers on the horizon
 The full battery
 Another view of teh command

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Blogger awards

I've received two nominations for these blogger award thingies.  I believe you have to inform people of seven things they dont know about you.  Err..............ok, here we go:

1. I am half Welsh, quarter Polish, and a quarter Danish.  So, you can tell I am a calm, laid back individual who does not paint himself blue, murder, pillage and charge tanks on horse back.
2. Through thirty years of rugby I have broken over fifty bones including seven nose breaks - same nose each time. 
3. I have played "Bar Crawl" Monopoly in New York. I lost.
4. The first time in Paris I managed to get seperated from the rest of my group, with no Francs, twenty words of French and no idea where I was. Fortunately there was an English bloke there who bought me drinks, paid for my cab across Paris when my group contacted me. His name was Don Letts the film maker and erstwhile member of Big Audi Dynamite.
5. I have an MBA for my sins.
6. I joned the Labour party when I was 15 and they wanted me become a councillor, have a poltical career in South Wales.  As soon as I could I "eimgrated" and went to university at Warwick!
7. On my 21st birthday I drank 21 pints of beer.

My nominees are:

Martin Kellys site
Clash of empires
Scott Macphees site
Paul Alba's beautiful AB Napoleonics site
Giles's site even though he is a tory git

Friday 6 May 2011

Long time no hear

For some reason blogger hasnt been allowing me to post. I am sure its Cameron's fault.
Above are some Russian Generals who are leaving for the states soon.
This is a Perry lancer for moi.
Outlandish officer
I am pleased with this horse. I like painting horses.
Standard bearer
Naples cahsseurs that are already in Texas.
Detail of the trumpeter
General de division
Some foundry dwarfs that are now in Belgium
A front rank Pole ... just an experiment really.
Hope you enjoy.
I am not commenting on the AV referendum (I cant believe people are rejecting a chance of democracy) or the six nations as I can jsut about handle losing to England, but England playing attractive rugby? Please! What next? Common sense from politicians?
Wales were their usual mixture of sublime, surreal and silly. No wonder I have grey hair.