Monday 9 July 2012

Paul Hicks designed Duchy of Warsaw foot artillery

 The foot artillery have arrived!
 I think Paul has done a great job again
 I wont have any painted for a few weeks so these are jsut the bared metal
 They havent even been cleaned - this is how they came from the casters
 Loads of character yet again
 The gun here is a French 8lb
 This would I think be more correct for late 1812 to 1814
 From 1809 - Borodino etc Austrian 6lb might be more apt, but the French guns would be correct as well
 I am able to supply either French 8lb or Austrian 6lb
 Choice of crews either loading or firing
Please contact me for details - email is in contact details.

Guest Poles

 A first on my Blog!  Pictures painted by someone else!
 Me grande amigo from Spain, Juan Carlos, painted some of these Murawski Miniatures Poles.
 I think he has sone an excellent job.
By the way; foot artillery are now available just waiting to take pictures.