Friday 12 April 2013

10% off website prices as I Murawski Miniatures wont be at Salute

I am afraid that despite lots of requests to see me there I wont be attending Salute this year. Furthermore due to my own incompetence I left it too late to get some one to carry the figures there.  I blame the cat.

However, in order to let as many people enjoy Salute discounts I have decided to offer all the 28mm Paul Hick's designed Napoleonic Poles at 10% off the website prices throughout April.

The website may be viewed at:

Or I can be contacted directly via email at:


Although they aren't up on the website this will apply to the recently released Uhlan's as well.

Thanks for all your support.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Murawski Miniatures Paul Hicks designed Grand Duchy of Warsaw Uhlans

 The first of the Uhlans are now ready, samples painted, and available for sale!
 These have been painted as the 2nd regiment in 1810
 Elite company in peaked busby
 Command pack comes with officer, eagle bearer and trumpeter
 All troopers have seperate arms to allow for multi posing
 Detail of the bugler
 My rear rank has been given a sword arm
 Elite company rear rank
 Centre company rear rank
 Centre company lancer
 Bugler from another angle
Plan view of the 16 strong unit
Figures are now available. Please email me at: