Tuesday 10 June 2014

New figures from Murawski Miniatures

I've just received the latest figures back from Griffin. They comprise of:

  • Infantry in real campaign uniform suitable for Spain, Germany and may be even Retreat (or march to) Moscow.
  • The command for the firing line as well as 3 new fusiliers making that complete.
  • Uhlans in campaign uniform and covered czapka.  These come with carbines to reflect the more rugged nature of their role (i.e. no nice storage area to dump them before battle).

The pictures arent great as the bloody weather changed just as I went to take the pictures and I am too busy to ink wash them at the moment.  They are however up to the usual standard of excellence and I'll hope to get better pictures in July.  These arent on the website yet so please email me for details:

  • roger(dot)murrow(at)mmc2100(dot)co(dot)uk

I also send out a newsletter so if you'd like to be added to the distribution list drop me a line. Now the pictures:

 6 new fusiliers in campaign uniform
 Firing line command
 Officer firing pistol
 6 fusiliers ( there are also 3 voltiguers and 3 grenadiers )
 Uhlans in campaign with covered czapkas
 Officer in cape - he does fit the horse but I didnt glue him on
 Trumpeter and standard bearers showing new horse apparel
 The Uhlans come with the same seperate arms as the existing cavalry - and a carbine
 Rear view

Another view of the bugler and standard bearer.

Hope you like them.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Napoleonic Swedes 1810-14

Hello everyone

After a bit of assistance.

I am after:

Uniform information
Regiment / battalion / artillery / squadron organisation
And so forth

For the Swedish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1810-14.

If I can get enough information, and think its viable, might consider producing a 28mm range.

Please email me with any assistance you feel you can offer via the profile page of this blog or the contact page of Murawski Miniatures.