Wednesday 30 November 2011

2nd battle of Murowski-Staag

 Marshal Ney leads the French cavalry to doom.........................
 My new (metal) French Cuirassier unit
 Side view
 Evil Russian horde - part of the new painting commission
 My jaegars out front but the rest are now Ken's.
 French cavalry brigade that obviously got wiped out
 French in L'Ordre Mixed..........for all the good it did them
 Artillery and Bavarians
 Into the valley of death road the slaphead....................
 Right, as many of you know I am no wargamer, but I am confused.  Please see picture above. The French got 11 dice but teh Russians got 16. How?  Same number of figures, same number being able to fight.  If I continue with this wargaming malarkey I dont think I'll use Blackpowder.
The result was as expected. In other words I lost all my cavalry but my infantry were pretty much holding their own but my entire left flank was about to be rolled up by the victorious Russian cavalry division.

Hope you like the pictures.

Monday 21 November 2011

Ken's Russians

Finished a large commission a month ago for a division of Russians with Cuirassiers for my friend Ken.
 8 x 24 figure infantry battalions, including two jaegar
 Three brigade stands
 And a divsional command - below
 Flags are by GMB, basing by me.
 All in all I am quite pleased with them.
 Problem is Ken wants to "road test" them a week Tuesday................................
 With my generalship and inability to read a rule book I see my French getting a hammering
The guns are by Front Rank with Foundry crews.

Hope you like them.

News on the Poles soon and a report of my defeat.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Poles apart and other stuff.

Sculpted by Paul Hicks, directions and finance from me. 

Yes, the mystery is solved, they are mine!  Mine I tell you!  All mine!

This isnt really a commercial decision, although they will be available for sale, but I warn people I will be covering my costs so please dont complain as your complaints will be referred to our customer services department (Puss-fat the cat) and unless you are willing to bribe her with a freshly roasted free range chicken then you have no chance.

Couple of points though:

  • Yes, the range will be added to include a full command including officers on horseback.
  • Possibly will include cavalry and artillery crew.
  • Wurttemburg is next as we can use the same dollies - this is not cheap by the way so if you do want to complain and whinge please doate to the "feed fatso fresh chicken fund instead of manky cat food."

David asked about the buildings from my first wargame; they are made by a company called Conflix - search google or fleece-bay.  They are pretty cheap and excellent quality. Highly recommended.

I've been doing lots of commission work the last few months so not much new from me.  I reckon I've painted a few thousand figures this year and only some artillery for my "good" self.

The real world cup is on at the moment and my lot stuffed South Africa but still f*cking lost by one stupid point!  AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Same old story.

England were truly shocking (hahahahahahahahahahaha) against Argentina who would have beaten them easily but lost their skipper, play maker and inspiration.  Saying that, and this hurts, England showed exactly what South Africa did against Wales, some teams know how to win.

I wont mention the hacking scandal other than to point out that Blair was in bed with Murdoch as much as Cameron, but at least Blair never actually had someone on the payroll who still being paid by him. But then if you know my views about our Old Etonian Dave, jsut call me Dave (when the  camera is on us anyway then its Mr to you peasent) Cameron.

Nos da for now.  Pray for Wales as I cant handle this anymore.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Battle of Muravski-staag

I fought my first ever real wargame last night with my chum Ken.
 Ken commanded a joint Russian / Prussian force trying to evict a joint French / allied force from a small village.
 The game ended about 11pm with the French still holding onto the village
 However, they were about to be creamed (technical term there) as the Russian juggernaut was about to splatter what was left of the French left flank.
 Good fun, great company, and Ken was very patient explaining the rules to me.
 We used Blackpowder and overall it was good.  I total newcomer picked them up (sort of) quite quickly.
 My only real concern was why should an attack column get as many shots as a line?
 Seems a bit odd to me. There were other things that just didnt feel right to me but may be thats my ignorance.
 Napoleon popped along to have his picture taken.
 The Old Guard were all that stood between a Russian / Prussian victory and salvation at the end.
 The Prussian line were wiped out to man and the game ended when the Bavarian artillery were probably about to do the same to the reservists
 A flurry of orders..............two glasses of red, some ham rolls, pork pie but none of those horrible sausage rolls or Pringles...........
 They looked relaxed dont they?
 Through sheer ineptness I managed to lose all the French cavalry and horse artillery without really achieving much.  Or, I held up the Prussian long enough for the reinforcements to arrive!
 Russian jaegar did well.  B*stards.
The beginning of the Russian onslaught.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Help! Foundry Russian Napoleonics

I wonder if any of you kind ladies or gents can help me out of a pickle?  No!  Not branston (although with cheddar there is nothing finer) but the Foundry have stitched me up!

A while back I bought some of their Napoleonic Russian regiments; I bought some fatigue cap in great coat, and some in fatigue cap. Guess what? They are exactly the bloomin same!  This means I didn't buy any in fatigue caps and uniform coat during the last sale and I urgently need some!

If you have some spare Russian infantry march attack in uniform coats and fatigue cap I would be most interested to hear from you.  I can either swap you for great coated figures, or full dress with shako.

I'd also be interested in getting hold of some Russian Grenadiers (not guard) in post 1812 kiwer, and French grenadiers pre-1812 in campaign uniform and bearskin.

If you can help drop me an email at:


Tuesday 5 July 2011

Latest commission

 Foundry French Empress Dragoons painted by Moi, basing by Arch Duke Charles
 These are now in the collection of the said Arch Duke
 Front Rank Lassalle sold to ADC and based by him
 How to paint lots of different black horses and not have two the same shade
Foundry Grenadier a cheval again in Canada as part of the collection of Arch Duke Charles.

Friday 10 June 2011

Victrix Corner

 I've assembled and painted three battalions (with Will's help) of Victrix French.
 These have been painted as Italians and Swiss.
 All in all I like'em, but not putting them together!
 These were the last unit I painted with the black undercoat method

 I had a varnish disaster with these so apologies if they arent very good
 The varnish went "white" and the figures needed retouching
 Quite a loss of detail - Julian wouldnt be happy with me!

 The Swiss came out really well.
 White undercoat though
 Will did the assembly on these hence they are well modelled.

 Italian skirmishers
 Hope you like'em.