Saturday 7 November 2009

Perry Guard Chasseurs

I bought these 2nd hand with some other Perry stuff for a cheap price. Problem was these boys were "painted".
Truly terrible paint job so I started just highlighting but basically hand to totally repaint.

Quite pleased with the results but there is a loss of detailing due to the numerous coats of paint.

I think the officer came out well though.

And I am getting the handle of the white.

Beautiful sculpts as per usual from the twins

Loads of charater

I put the flag upside down but its the wrong one anyway and was going to be replaced

Hope you liked them.

Thursday 5 November 2009

Perry & Foundry French

Perry General de division and aide
Chsseurs a cheval

Elite company

Foundry light infantry and skirmishers

Line infantry skirmishers (plus pesky Prussians)

Foundry Old Guard

The 1st regiment of the Old Guard - at the back as usual!

Perry and Foundry cavalry

Swiss skirmishers plus Prussian reservists

Hope you like them.