Tuesday 8 November 2016

Campaign dressed Poles

We've been working on developing Poles in campaign uniforms that can be used for Retreat from Moscow, Germany in 1813 and the Peninsular.

The idea was to create a rag-tag look that would have been found in the field.

Here's my take on them. First up 'firing line'

Next 'March attack'

Hope you like them.

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Borodino - taking Utilisa

Last weekend we fought our annual game, this time focusing on the Poles and the village of Utilisa at Borodino.

We think we may have set a world record for the number of Poles on one table ( about 750 ) and certainly the most Murawski Miniatures.

Battle ended with a narrow Polish victory as they took the village right at the death but there was no chance they were going to be able to take the mound nor the bridge which was the 'major victory' condition.

Hope you like the pictures.

Friday 8 April 2016

Latest releases from Murawski Miniatures

A whole new load of figures are now available.  These come under the generic "Retreat from Moscow" heading but I am going to paint a battalion march attack and another skirmishing / about to charge after firing for your big game in June. Personally I think they are ideal for Spain ( they are designed to be used with the other 3 packs we have out ) or Germany 1813 / France 1814.

I am going to put together a battalion pack march attack and a firing/skirmishing/about to charge pack as well as revisit the pack composition to give:

Command pack

Hope you like them so much you want to buy them!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

I am still alive.............just

Seems a long time since I posted but business, cats, life and rugby (watching only these days due to old age and a broken body.......) have been getting in the way.

I have however been painting as well........................

As part of my ongoing 1815 project I've added 4 battalions of Brits to my existing Allies.

And some Russians for our annual game in June.

Coldstream Guards and Gordon highlanders

Hope you like them!  New Poles have been released as well. Please don't forget to "like-friend" Murawski Miniatures on Facebook.