Tuesday 23 October 2012

Comparison shots

 From L-R: Foundry Perry, MM Poles, Perry.
Never realised how well fed the Foundry are but all in all a good fit.
 From L-R: Foundry Perry, MM Poles, Foundry Perry.
Foundry on the left a little short but other wise tres bon
 From a distance pretty much a perfect fit
 L-R: Calpe, MM Poles, Victrix
A far better fit with Calpe than I thought and worse than with Victrix.
From a distance though rather good fit.
Hope this is of use to people.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

 The first unit of campaign Poles are now finished and based
 3 different skirmishers

 3 new Voltiguers
 3 new grenadiers
 6 new fusiliers
 6 new command
 Deliberately sculpted to be on campaign
 Designed for 1812-14 but can be used for earlier especially the Peninsular
 Very scruffy one here in clogs and forage cap
 Side view of the unit
 Detailing on the second officer
 The rear

 In all its glory
 Close up on the colonel and eagle bearer
 I deliberately painted these in off white trousers and gave the grenadiers white epaulettes etc as I have seen some evidence that this regiment did dress this way.
The flag is wrong for 1812 but blame GMB for that!
Figures are available from me ( roger.murrow@mmc2100.co.uk )

Friday 5 October 2012

Campaign Duchy of Warsaw Paul Hicks Poles

 Please see hot off the painting bench the first Campaign Poles
 These are ideal for 1812-14 but should be good for the Peninsular war as well.
 I've painted mine "scruffy" and added some patches.
 Paul has done great work especially with the officers. The one on the right has a seperate ar,
 Lots of campaign style detailing
 One voltiguer is in clogs and another has an eye bandage.
 PLumes are missing deliberately on some figures
 Veteran grenaiders
 Nice baggage as well
 All figures have the canteen on the back of the rucksack
 The plumes can be removed if required
 Figure on right is in shako cover
 Skirmishers together
 Some have holes in clothing
 Trousers have been painted off white with added patches
One figure has a cooking pot 
 One figure has a sausage
I love the officer on the right.
Apology for pictue quality but we'll have some decent ones when they are based.
Figures are available now!  Please contact me at:

Thursday 30 August 2012

Murawski Miniatures Paul Hicks Polish artillery

 Just finished my first battery of Duchy of Warsaw Polish artillery
 All in all I am very happy with them
 I used extra figures as I prefer larger crews
 Paul's figures are very good and a joy to paint
 The detialing on the guns is superb as well
 Gave the gunners off-white trousers
 Think the uniform is rather fetching
 S&S 5.5inch French howitzer
 Green watering can is not for sale.
 French 8lb gun
 Detailing of on the barrel
 Master gunner
 Side view of the battery
4 crew and a gun ( unpainted although I do undertake some commissions) are available from my good self at the cost of £11 each.
Please email me at: roger.murrow@mmc2100.co.uk