Wednesday 20 November 2013

Murawski Miniatures Krakus painted by Francesco Thau

All I can say is a big "wow".  Please don't take my word for it though - have a look yourself!

 Officer and 2 of the 3 troopers available
 Standard bearer: apparently they didnt use trumpeters or standards.
 By all accounts if was a "follow-me" sort of thing.
 According to some sources the Krakus, made up of the landed gentry and their tenants, were some of the best light cavalry available to Napoleon in 1813.
 Polish horse stock was some of the best in Europe at the time.
 The Krakus were born in the saddle and used to defending what was theirs.
 There is some confusion as to the horses however as Napoleon mentioned some mounted on small ponies. All other references I have seen refer to the Krakus as battle cavalry and this is how we decided to portray them.
 The standard of painting here by Francesco is staggering.
Many thanks to Francesco for sharing the pictures. The Krakus, and an entire range of Grand Duchy of Warsaw Poles are available from me and Murawski Miniatures.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

13th Regiment - all 41 figures different

 Thought I'd add some new pictures, especially of those of the 13th regiment (lovely white coats) showing the incredible variety you can get using Murawski Miniatures.
 The picture here shows 35 different figures!
 Then there are 6 different skirmishers.
 I've painted mine in campaign uniform, taking a fair bit of artistic license.
 The pictures below shows the 41 strong battalion with every figure being different.

 The six different grenadiers
 Line companies - I think you can just see the casuality at the back.

 Plan shot
 Colonel, standard bearer, and to the right, the falling casuality.
 Some better pictures of the Vistula legion (please trust me I paint better than the pictures suggest, but I am pretty inept with a camera)
 The grenadier company
 Plan view showing all 20 different figures.
 The skirmishers
 Voltiguer company; I have used the NCO and bugler with my voltiguers to give variety.
Hope you like the pictures.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Poles painted by Francesco Thau

You may have seen some of these photographs on Steve Dean's forum.

I used to think I could paint a bit (but not photograph) until I saw these and my bueno amigo Juan Carlos' Poles.  All I can say is wow.

Hope you enjoy Francesco's painting as much as I did.