Tuesday 30 June 2009

Victrix French painted as Italian 3rd regiment

Confronting the Prussian hordes

Voltiguer company

Grenadier company

The thin white line.......

Lovely figures.....but

Buggers to assemble (I am no modeller)

And I think the black undercoat obscures teh details that isnt as pronounced as found in metal figures

I am now painting another Italian regiment with white undercoat and inking

I like them and am converted. Anyone want to buy my foundry naps?

Lions misery

Ok, we lost. First test we should have won but people didnt take their opportunities. Second test we had them bang to rights but injuries to key players let them back in the game, then it was only the 10 minute ROG cameo that gave them the game.

Burger should have walked - how you can do that to someone is beoynd me and for his coach to defend him is ridiculous - but I thought we did enough to win the game anyway.

Ho hum. In a way its pathos as in 97 the Saffers were by far teh better team and we sneaked it. Vice versa this time, but bollox it still hurts.

Monday 22 June 2009

Politics and lions

Firstly politics: I am now convinced that Gordie is a Tory plant. Or that Cameron has some pretty dodgy polaroids of him as these are the only possible explanations for why Gordie hasnt fought back against a smear campaing that Charlie Whelan would have been proud of. For Cameron to claim the moral high ground, and for the Telegraph to attempt to smear Skinner (hardly ever claimed expenses) is like the Norweigans criticising any other european nation over whaling!

Iran: nice to see Mugabesque democracry alive and kicking in my favourite theocracy. The logic here is fantastic (David Cameron acting as a consultant?) as Ayatollah in charge said the election couldnt have been rigged as you cant rig an election of that many votes............err........may be he should read how Stalin and Napoleon did it..........

As to the Lions, gutted. Even with the problems in the tight still should have hammered them........well, beaten anyway. Monye carrying the ball in the wrong arm twice and Phillips knocking on a milimetre from the line...........gutted.

Lets hope no knee jerk panic over selection although the big worry is the skipper. Second tour in a row he has been poor. I am optimistic though but we could do with a back up goal kicker on the pitch.