Thursday 29 May 2014

Murawski Miniatures Poles by 3 talented painters

Hello everyone

I've recently been sent some pictures of the Murawski Miniatures Duchy of Warsaw Poles ( available from: ) by Francesco Thau, Stefano, and Juan Carlos (Gareth Bale is god ) Garcia.

First of all Francesco:

These are all Garnd Duchy of Warsaw full dress and "scruffy" line infantry.

Secondly Stefano's Vistula Legion:

And last, but not least, Juan Carlos' take on a Polish line officer painted as an artillery colonel.

Hope you like the pictures.

Friday 16 May 2014

Austrian Cavalry for Dresden

I've been painting Austrians for our annual game at the end of June. This year its going to be loosely based on Dresden, specfically the Austrian vs Polish fight. As I have loads of Poles ( wonder who makes those .......... ) but not that many Austrians this has meant painted like a nutter for the past few weeks.

Please see the first pictures of the cavalry:

 Some interlopers now: firstly the based Vistula Legion
 And some Grenz (picture taken indoors)

Hope you like the pictures.

Monday 5 May 2014

Grand Duchy of Warsaw infantry painted by Francesco Thau

Just a quick post as Francesco has sent me some of his latest work - some Poles in a blue uniform.

Many thanks to Francesco for making my miniatures look so good.

We've got a load of releases coming up - just waiting for the next batch to get back from Griffin - and Paul is working on some exciting stuff as well.

Look out for an article on the Poles in Wargames Illustrated as well!  Written by my good self with some superb images from Francesco and Juan Carlos.