Tuesday 28 July 2009

Has the world gone mad?

Last week, despite CCTV footage showing him punching with the coordination of a professional boxer, and the fact that the assaulted did not fight back, the Liverpool footballer, Stephen Gerrard, was cleared of assault as he was acting in "self defence".

The singer Aime Whitehouse was cleared of assault despite numerous witnesses stating, under oath, she had physically assaulted another lady. She was found not guilty as the judge cast aspersions of the sobriety of ALL the witnesses.

Yesterday a business man was arrested and charged with stabbing a youth. The fact that the youth in question was on the man's property, was vandalising his van, assaulting the man's son who was defending the property, and the fact that the knife belonged to the youth, or one of his cohorts, seems not to count for anything.

So, the moral of this story is you are going to physically assault someone make sure that you are rich enough to afford the very best legal team, make sure you have the cult of celebrity on your side, and if you are just a normal person looking after your property, and your loved ones, you are stuffed.

Makes you proud to be British eh?

In the words of Victor Meldrew.............." I just don't believe it".

Thursday 23 July 2009

Lions defeat and injury

Good show to the boys by stuffing the Sarfers in the last test, but I think this is going to be a case of a series we should have won. What amazes me is the injury list. For example Wales provided, in total, ten of the test side over three tests. Five are now seriously injured, with four of the five probably not fit to play again this year.

Some misinformed people have said we stuffed the Sarfer 2nd team in the final test, but they miss the point; DeVilliers (he is barking by the way) had to rest players as they were as messed up as the Lions team, and he now has to play in the Tri-Nations (speaking of which the Kanga-shagga's should really have beaten the sheep molesters Saturday) so needed to blood his squad / rest key players. There were also many in Sarfa land who actually thought (until they had been stuffed by an injury hit Lions team) that the side in the 3rd test was actually the best Sarfer team!

My own pathetic career was finished by broken ribs that are still not right three years after the breakage (I was 41 at the time!), but it makes me think this game is getting harder and harder. After my cartliage operation in 1987, and the odd dislocated shoulder, I was more or less able to play pretty good level for 20 odd years. But now my body is in such series downward spiral that makes me think I am friggin glad I am not 21 now!

No politics as I am getting pretty p*ssed off with all of them to be honest. I keep on having Doulgas Adam's type thoughts about how not only coming down from the trees was a bad idea, but actually we should have stayed in the water..................see what depression the lions losing a test series causes?