Monday 1 November 2010

gratuitous pussy shots

I did a few favours for a professional photographer work wise and in payment she took some pictures of my furry goddess; she who must be obeyed.
Her name is Little'Un, but only answers to "your majesty", or at a push "Puss-Puss".

Hardly original I know but based on years experience I now reckon you either get cats or you dont.
I find them absolutely hilarious, and Puss-Puss is a joy to live with.

Friday 22 October 2010

Foundry French

Not painted any Foundry French for years but I realised they are the best pre-1812 in campaign
The completed unit

Rear detailing

The colonel - the worst figure



Lovely mix - I think all my fusileers are different

All the grenadiers are unique I think

I wanted a mix of trousers to give that campaign feel

The weakness of this range is the voltiguers - they are not good. But using the grenadier body with Victrix heads produces these. Will in Belgium did the surgery.

The white is deliberately grubby. I am sure white trousers would not have been that white on campaign.

Monday 11 October 2010

Foundry Prussian horse artillery

Firstly the pictures are shocking. I forget how bad a photographer I am.
This horse artillery battery is the penultimate Prussian unit of my little army. It now comprises of: one line regiment (x3 battalions), one reserve regiment (3 battalions) one Landwehr regiment (x4 battalions), one foot battlery, one horse battery, hussars, dragoons, curiassiers, uhlans (saxon due to pretty uniform) plus regular and volunteer Jaegar. Just the Landwehr cavalry to go..............

Foot artillery command

Martin Kelly will weep but these are Foundry foot artillery painted to look like horse artillery. They are using French 8lbs they've acquired.


Horse artillery command.

"I can see what you are doing you dirty little man..........."
All in I did an ok job but could have been better. I remember why I used to give my guns a gentle dry brish towards the end now.

Monday 30 August 2010

Russkies - even more of them!

Five battalions down.................six to go..........
Close up of the grenadier battalion

Some Bavarians sneaked in...........

Front Rank Casuality figures

Line battalion

Close up

General de brigade


The Russian horde

Monday 23 August 2010

Russian command

Been busy (and still) with a large commission of Front Rank Bavarians but managed to add some Russian command to for my grenadier battalion. Will post pictures of the finished Russians when the bases are done but here is a taster.

Monday 19 July 2010

Napoleon et peacocks - Perry miniatures

A marshal waiting imnpatiently
Doing the hard Guardian cross word takes team work

Cworr! She's fit!

Oi! You lot! Remember the battle!

The heat......the flies.....the dust............champagne.......champagne...........

That map is rubbish.

This ADC came out well though.

This guys hand writing is better than mine!

Grumpy hussar

Hope you like them.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

My mate Dotty

A few years ago I went to Hampton court (not that one) near Leominster. Lovely gardens and a fantastic river walk. Whilts there I was accosted by the "owner" - Dotty the cat.
Dotty was semi-feral; he was quite happy to lord it over everyone, but I dont think he was ever totally domesticated. He did however adopt me!

The first time I met the furry hero he came from nowhere and decided I must be a soft touch. He then followed me round the gardens until he was side tracked by a load of birds.
I subsequently returned to Hampton Court Gardens and each time was greeted by my friend. The last time I saw he stayed with me for a couple of hours which was charming. Again he came from nowhere and we had a lovely afternoon (my wife walked off and left us to it!). Its a bit surreal being followed round by a cat that isnt "your".
I returned to teh gardens last year, and although I was told that Dotty was around, I couldnt find him. I went there again this weekend and was informed that Dotty had passed away at the age of 15 through "old age".
I would have loved to have seen him again as I was very fond of that cat, and he cheered me up everytime I saw him. I suppose what made it special was that he wasnt anyone's pet, and chose his friends. Dotty hated being indoors but loved people. I've never heard of such a gentle and friendly wild cat; he hated being indoors but made sure he was fed by the lovely people who run Hampton court.
If you go to the gardens there is a little gravestone in the vegetable garden by Dotty's favourite tree. A lovely touch for a lovely little cat who will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
RIP Dotty. Thanks for being my mate.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Russkies ...tharsands of them sar!

Foundry Russians
Best Foundry Napoleonic range by far..........

............and incomplete

Looking to complete a small Russian force by the end of the year

Hope you like the pic's.

Flags by GMB

They look grumpy dont they?

Grenadiers are being painted at the same time to form a combined grenadier battalion

Should be loads more Russkies this year.