Wednesday 5 June 2013

My new display cabinet - at last

I've had massive problems posting pictures due to internet explorer crashing.  The solution, as it turns out was simple; I have started using Google Chrome (which I assume was Google's intention all along).

 The first picture is of my display cabinet which cost £35 from an antiques shop. I am very pleased with it!
 My Poles obviously have a place of honour.
 I really didnt paint the command stand very well.
 The artillery are nice though.
 My completed Cuirassier division with brigade and division commanders
 My general de division and adc
 General de brigade
Another g de b with curassiers lurking
 Perry standard bearer as a body guard / adc
 Finally completed my line lancers
 Kawe's Westfalia miniatures engineers (painted incorrectly!!!)
 Light cavalry brigade with horse artillery
 Another view of the general de division
 Chasseurs a cheval with Foundry ones to the fore ( I prefer them to the Perrys)
g de b with adc and more cuirassiers lurking.

Hope you like them.