Friday 8 May 2009

The Posse, Wyatt, Sherlock, Clint and Dr ?

Some early painting attempts now in the collection of Paicey Boy.

I have an on going wild west / victoriana project that I will start next year. These are early attempts and are Foundry, Harlequin and Artizan miniatures.

Warwick university Welsh Society Kenilworth Pub crawl 1985

Gulp. I cant believe I was ever this young.

Assorted charaters in the photo are:

Adrian Burder - now marketing director for the Dog's Trust!
Jill Phillips (now Mrs Burder)
I cant remember the names of the two other girls. I was p*ssed out of my mind.

Mark Denton (Half "A") - some techy nerd in BT

Adrian "Tugger" Young - no idea but you can guess what we thought of him by his nickname

Mark Gartside - no idea. Lost contact years ago.

Kevin Owen - ditto

Pat "the strap" - ditto

RTB - still a git.

Ogmore beach, Badger wood and blue bells

Ogmore beach Easter 2009.
Boooty! The most evil cat in the world by my mother loves her (the furry spawn of satan.........)

Inside badger wood with my favorite tree

Bluebells Sah! Tharsands of them!

The edge of badger wood from the path

The view from Badger wood looking towards where we live.