Tuesday 5 January 2010

More Bavarians!

Detailing of the light infantry battalion for my brigade.
Light battalion as a firing line. Last two bases can be positioned as skirmishers.
The final regiment set out as a firing line about to advance.

Close up of the command and light company.

The full brigade.
Hope you like them.
Only the artillery to go, although I have some cavalry so if some nice person out there wants to sell or swap me a cavalry officer and trumpeter I'd be most interested.


  1. Very nice; are you keeping them or flogging them? I like the Bavarian flags.

  2. Hi Simon

    These are mine.........all mine!

    Just wait til I refight Leipzig 1:10!

  3. Great stuff, Roger- like the light Infantry in particular, but they are all stunning.

    I hope Iannick didn't try to pay you in beaver pelts and maple syrup for the Bavarians you did for him!

  4. I hate to say it Robert but I think the light infantry I painted for Iannick are better than the ones on this site.

    Whats the best way to get a drink out of Iannick?

    Stick your fingers down his throat.......

  5. Nice work, Roger. There's something abouot Bavarians - those lovely helmets probably.


  6. I do like your units, very nice indeed!

  7. Thanks gents.

    Giles, are you going to come up to Nottingham after the election so we can toast a Labour victory and the birth of your son and heir?

  8. I've always had a bit of a downer on the Foundry Bavarians.....BUT...I rather like these...nce job Roger!

  9. Many thanks gents.

    I msut admit I approached painting these Bavarians with a sense of dread experienced by chritians in the arena but I am happy with them.

    I've got the artillery done but the photo's were dreadful. The Foundry gun crews are fantastic by the way.