Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pictures by Francesco Thau and new greens

Hello everyone

The incredibly talented Francesco Thau has sent me some pictures of the Murawski Miniatures firing line elite companies.  I think he's done an incredible job!

These are, unpainted, available from my good self. Please contact me via the Murawski Miniatures website, and remember we've got my 50th birthday sale on at present!

The incredibly talented Paul Hicks has sent me some new greens as well which are being cast as we speak!

First up are the great coated-retreat from Moscow figures. There are 8 in a pack and are all unique.

 Next we have the high command figures.
 Above: Chef de Brigade and General / staff officer
 Next we have Poniatowski
 And finally an officer casualty

Hope you like them and if you require details of the sale drop me a line. Email is in my profile box or via the Murawski Miniatures website.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant stuff RTB!

    I'm doing elements of Poniatowski's Corps for a refight of Smolensk, 1812. But I'm doing it in 6mm, using Adler mins for the most part.

    However, I'm collecting 28mm figures for the commanders, so your Poniatowski figure is a real Godsend. I recently painted and based Alan Perry's wonderful 'Napoleon Crossing The Alps' (after Jacques-Louis David's wonderful painting). Which you can see on my blog, here:

    And I also discovered that someone else has made a wonderful figure of Ney, also from the 'retreat from Russia' period, based on another famous picture:

    ... I'm really obsessed by the Russia 1812 campaign. Always glad to see others bitten by the same bug!