Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First use of the Poles as a separate army!

I finally got to use my Poles as a separate force in our "what-if" version of Dresden. I'll give a major write up to that in the future but now am going to concentrate on the Poles!

My army comprises of:

5x36 GDW battalions
1x36 Vistula Legion Battalion
30 x skirmishers
3x8lb foot artillery
12 Krakus
12 Uhlans
18 Uhlans

I should be adding another couple of GDW battalions, horse artillery, Vistula Legion and cavalry when I can get Mr Hicks to cooperate.

Now the pictures!

All figures are Murawski Miniatures, painted by myself, and are available, unpainted via the www.murawskiminiatures.com website.

Hope you like them.


  1. Magnificent figures! excellent paint! Impressive Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. Congratulations! Greetings from the far south. Carlos PiƱero www.juegosdehistoria.blogspot.com

  2. Looking lovely! That is an army to dream of (and hopefully copy one day)!!!

    I have begun looking for references on Polish uniforms, so i can hit the ground running once I have barreled myself through those WWII Brits! ;-)

  3. Looking very resplendent indeed Roger. Beautiful figures.

  4. Grand Duchy of Warsaw can be proud, your army is wonderful!!

  5. Great army Roger - magnificent figures!

  6. Wonderful Roger, well done mate!!!


  7. Really nice Roger. Looking forward to your article but suspect there will be a proliferation of Polish forces on the painting tables afterwards (and most will beat mine to the tabletop)

  8. Thanks everyone. The army is for use in 1813 but if we remove the Krakus and Vistula Legion can be used from 1809-1812, everywhere from Spain to Russia. In 1813 its pretty tough, and more than a match for anything it come up against on an equal footing, but due to this the French will rely on it. Our last game was the first one it didnt get wiped out!

  9. They look marvellous, especially all massed together.

  10. Wow, a really beautiful looking force.