Friday, 11 July 2014

More new figures from Murawski Miniatures

I am bit like a No 52 bus these days; you wait months to hear something from me and then all of a sudden there are 5 of the buggers!

Have some more new editions to the range of 28mm Poles. These comprise of campaign figures and Uhlans on campaign.

First up the new Uhlans:
 There are 3 new troopers, with separate arms and separate carbine.
 Also 3 new horses with campaign equipment added
 The troopers also carry equipment that would have been of use in the field
 I've seen about 3 different ways the carbine was carried - leg, front, rear. Its up to you as the carbine is supplied separately
 New eagle bearer

 Officer and bugler

 The officer can of course be used separately, and I will supply, as he is ideal for................
 New campaign figures.
 These were a pet project for a customer who wanted them for Spain, but looking at them I think they would be great for Germany in 1807, or later, and Retreat from Moscow.
The figures arent on the website yet but are available. Please drop me an email via the Murawski Miniatures website ( ) or the profile page here.
I have a new product list and price list which can be obtained by emailing me.


  1. Lovely roger, loads of folks look for that campaign look. Brilliant

  2. Mate, I'm liking the look of these very much - I agree with Paul, the campaign look is brilliant. I prefer these to the 'parade ground' look that many have. I wonder what others you can get the talented Mr Hicks to make up?