Friday, 10 July 2015

Brunswick units at our Waterloo game

For some daft reason I insisted on painting the Brunswickers for Waterloo. This consisted of:

Command bases
Foot artillery battery
Avant Garde and Jaegars
Lieb Garde
Line and light infantry
Uhlans and hussars

As they werent under my command they of course performed heroically and held up an entire French infantry division with a cavalry brigade, and artillery, for the entire battle!

Figures are all excellent Perry miniatures. Hope you enjoy the pictures:

Monday, 29 June 2015

Waterloo 2015`

Every year we have a large game. This year was no different and of course we did Waterloo!  4 of us have been painting like idiots for the last six months......................but we got there!

It was an allied victory and hopefully I'll tell all some time this week but here's some pictures of our little battle.  Figures are from teh collections of Jeff Bridoux, William De Pretre, Daryl Smith, and infamous Matt Fletcher, Mark Warner and my good self.

No cucumber or tomato plants were hurt in the making of this battle although we did piss the cat off no end.


Friday, 22 May 2015

Retreat from Moscow / campaign Poles

Long time, no post...............apologies.

Please see the latest pictures of the Retreat from Moscow Poles, including the command.

Painted by Francesco Thau, I think these figures really capture the campaign look and feel.  Should have a load more release this year.

Hope you like the pictures.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Latest releases from Murawski Miniatures

Due to the sad demise of Stewart Griffin from Griffin Moulds it’s been a bit slow here recently. Basically I was out of stock of some items, couldn’t get the new items cast, and was in a bit of a pickle. However, things seem to be returning to normal now.
We’ve got a hell of lot to launch this year, including:

  • Hussars and Chasseurs a cheval – yes, they are being worked on!  I don’t think they’ll be ready before the summer to be honest.
  • A whole load of campaign figures designed for Spain, Germany in 1806/7 and Retreat from Moscow. 
  • A new range of Baden figures that have been designed specifically to be Perry / Murawski compatible.
  • The eagerly awaited command figures for the campaign / Retreat from Moscow range.
Retreat from Moscow Command

There are 6 figures in a set, 3 of which are cast open handed, allowing them to be equipped with a musket, halberd, or eagle. There are also 2 drummers: I am also going to throw in the middle figure for “free” whilst stocks last as the sword didn’t come out properly!  We don’t really know why but you can use him as is or trim the sword off.
Pack price will be: £9.50 for the seven figures.

At last I am pleased to announce that the officer casualty figure is now available. 

He can be acquired 3 ways! (How about that for customer focus?):
1.     £2 plus shipping
2.     FOC with orders over £50
3.     As part of the GDW casualty pack for £5 – please specify

If you require anything please contact me via the Murawski Miniatures website.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

British command bases for Waterloo

I am flat out painting troops for our BIG Waterloo game at the end of June.  Of course, being "rational" the first figures I did were the British command.  Mainly Perry they will at least be there!  Now, all we need are troops...............

Hope yuo like the pictures.

I am currently painting the Brunswickers and I heartily fed up of painting black already!