Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Latest releases from Murawski Miniatures

Due to the sad demise of Stewart Griffin from Griffin Moulds it’s been a bit slow here recently. Basically I was out of stock of some items, couldn’t get the new items cast, and was in a bit of a pickle. However, things seem to be returning to normal now.
We’ve got a hell of lot to launch this year, including:

  • Hussars and Chasseurs a cheval – yes, they are being worked on!  I don’t think they’ll be ready before the summer to be honest.
  • A whole load of campaign figures designed for Spain, Germany in 1806/7 and Retreat from Moscow. 
  • A new range of Baden figures that have been designed specifically to be Perry / Murawski compatible.
  • The eagerly awaited command figures for the campaign / Retreat from Moscow range.
Retreat from Moscow Command

There are 6 figures in a set, 3 of which are cast open handed, allowing them to be equipped with a musket, halberd, or eagle. There are also 2 drummers: I am also going to throw in the middle figure for “free” whilst stocks last as the sword didn’t come out properly!  We don’t really know why but you can use him as is or trim the sword off.
Pack price will be: £9.50 for the seven figures.

At last I am pleased to announce that the officer casualty figure is now available. 

He can be acquired 3 ways! (How about that for customer focus?):
1.     £2 plus shipping
2.     FOC with orders over £50
3.     As part of the GDW casualty pack for £5 – please specify

If you require anything please contact me via the Murawski Miniatures website.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

British command bases for Waterloo

I am flat out painting troops for our BIG Waterloo game at the end of June.  Of course, being "rational" the first figures I did were the British command.  Mainly Perry they will at least be there!  Now, all we need are troops...............

Hope yuo like the pictures.

I am currently painting the Brunswickers and I heartily fed up of painting black already!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy - belated - New Year!

Many apologies for the lack of posts but Murawski Miniatures has been very busy, as has my "real" business.  Added to that I actually took 2 weeks off at X mas for my first real holiday in over 5 years. Boy I need it.

During the holiday period the incredibly talented Francesco Thau sent me the pictures below.  I have more greens to get cast for marching campaign / great-coated / retreat-from-Moscow Poles, including a full command pack. However, I also received some incredibly sad news in that Stewart Griffin, who does all my casting passed away in December.

This wont affect the Murawski Miniatures business but as my requirements are not urgent I have informed the company I can wait as they have a massive backlogue of orders.  So, please bare with me,

I'd like to thank eveyrone who has supported Murawski Miniatures in 2014. It really is appreciated. I dont actually make any money out of this, in fact its a massive drain on money and time. So your support is what keeps me going.

One last note to viewers of Fox News in the states.  I lived and worked in Birmingham in the UK for ten years, went to business school there, and even played rugby for Birmingham Solihull.  It isnt a no-go area for non-Moslems. In fact, and based on my experience, I can honestly say some of the friendliest people there are from the  Moslem community. And as to Moslem police enforcing dress codes etc in London I do wonder if anyone from Fox News has actually ever left the US, let alone been to London.  My advice to anyone taken in by that utter load of bollox is to travel more and see for yourself, and dont watch that Murdoch owned comedy channel! Even the bloody Simpsons ridicules it and they are shown in Fox!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Firing line completed

The amazingly talented Francesco Thau has completed his Murawski Miniatures firing line unit.

Miniatures are available (unpainted) from Murawski Miniatures.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Retreat from Moscow

Please see attached some pictures of the Murawski Miniatures Retreat from Moscow Poles.

These were painted by Dr Michael Koznarsky, from the good'ole US of A!

He's done a fantastic job.

There's another pack of campaign / scruffy figures which can be used and I should have some releases before the end of the year.

Hope you like the pictures.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Polish High Command has arrived!

Yes, they've only been in the pipeline for 2 years but Murawski Miniatures has now launched Napoleonic Polish High Command.

First up is Poniatowski who is shown on a rearing horse

 Next is the replacement cavalry general. I didnt think the old pose worked and much prefer this one

 The Prince standing up in the saddle. We may get this reworked.

 The cavalry general on the rearing horse
 Poniatowski on a galloping horse
 This figue works as either an infantry colonel or brigadier general in field clothing.
 A figure which works as either a general or hogh ranking staff officer / adc
 Poniatowski on standing horse.
 Chef de brigade, new ADC and the Prince
 General etc on standing horse.
 We got this figure done as the Colpack was not unknown to the Poles, their general disregard for uniformity and I think he looks really good. Again suitable as either a colonel, general or ADC
 Chef de Brigade ( or staff officer for that matter ) on galloping horse.

Hope you like them.  Contact details details via the profile on this blog or the murawskiminiatures website.