Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Polish Horse artillery and Retreat from Moscow from Murawski Miniatures

Hello everyone

Finally got the Horse Artillery back and inked, as well as the first of the Retreat from Moscow Poles.

The Horse Artillery are for the period 1812-14 ( some say they wore the czapka in 1812 but I've plates saying the colpack so went with that ).

Two types available, firing and loading. The loading comes with 2 figures with the "firing rod" for you to choose which one you use as the head gunner - just get the modelling knife out and cut it off.

Here's the pictures!

 And I found time to ink the Retreat from Moscow Poles which I think are Paul's best work for Murawski Miniatures.

If you require further details drop me an email via the Murawski Miniatures website or the email address in the profile box on the blog.


  1. Beautifcul figures, as always, Roger. I agree with you re the Moscow sculpts - awesome.