Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Murawski Miniatures Vistula Legion


I've jsut finished painting and basing my Vistula Legion figures. The figures below show the 1st battalion, of the first regiment, painting they probably looked at Leipzig (we are dealing with Napoleonic Poles here............) so they are in a campaign uniform, with grenadiers in czapka.

 Battalion in line.
 Grenadier company.
 Fusiliers with officer
 Mounted colonel
 The 3 different fusiliers available
 Other officer - yelling orders to the skirmisher screen
 Voltiguers with cornet player
 Casualty on left
 "Republican" flag
 Skirmisher taking aim
 All 3 based
 Other angle for the sharpshooter
 Full battalion deployed
Detail of the command stand with mounted officer, standard bearer and sapeur.

Hope you like the pictures.

The figures, unpainted, are available from my good self.  Please dont hesitate to contact me at: