Friday, 3 April 2009

Saviour day

No, its not a plug for another Cliff Ricard record, but rather the fact that we should rejoice that some of the worlds most powerful people have got themselves re-elected, big directorships when they retire, and massive advances for their autobiographies (please Mr B can I write yours?)...........sorry, I meant they have saved the world economy.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I really am pleased, and I think they have done the right thing (for once), even though our German friends and French fiends were playing silly buggers before it all. But, you telling me it wasn't just one big ego trip? If it works its got Brown five more years.
I actually sympathise with Cameron; he's done nothing really wrong (besides Boris Johnson and George Osbourne but we all have our crosses to bear), and even though he is a Tory, and a politician, I actually believe he is good bloke. He's re-positioned the Tory party as a classical liberal party (with monarchist, anti-European hang-ups, but hey ho) and is trying to be sensible. can you criticise the government for doing what you would have done, and everyone knows that's what you would have done? The other point is you've played a safe game since becoming leader, no gaffes (that's where George and BJ come in), you are massively ahead in the polls and now its looks as if you going to be the next Tory leader not to become PM as Broone from Dunfermline as shafted you well and truly by becoming the saviour of the world!

Oh well. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha. Its a larf innit?

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