Tuesday, 7 April 2009

French Artillery

Post and pre-1812 uniforms to give an eclectic mix

Close up of pre-1812 uniform

Foundry French 8lb's. All crew are different.

The bl**dy bases warped but still look quite nice.

I like my artillery horse team.


  1. I love Artillery bases as it allows a bit of room to add plenty of nice detail.

    I like your 'long' Artillery bases which include the entire team streaching back from the gun. I want to do something similiar with my Roman Artillery when I get around to them.

  2. I want to do a big Roman artillery piece, too... with a centurion standing on an upright ladder as a spotter.

  3. Lovely stuff Roger; your artillery is my favourite in your collection.

    Keep it up, now we want to see some Prussians! :-)

  4. Many many thanks for all your kind words.