Thursday, 2 April 2009

Enfants Perdu.........

My big hobby at the moment is building up 28mm Napoleonic armies for the period 1814/1815. To this end I have a fair collection of Prussians and French.

Like many collectors I am far more successful at buying than I am at painting but recently I have speeded up quite dramatically. How? I really have no idea as I paint for no more than ten hours each week but I seem to be getting quicker than a race horse with an ounce of baccy up its arse.
What does this mean? It means that I have sold off some of my older figures to make room for more goodies! Here's a sample of the figures I have recently sold to my new chum Iannick in Canada. He is a good sort as 1. he isn't a yank, 2. he likes cats, 3. he has commissioned me for some more painting! Anyway, please see my lost children or enfants perdu for those who (unlike me) parlez Francais.

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