Thursday, 2 April 2009

Day 1 - the cat is evil

She isn't but this is my first post and I am taking advantage of the fact that she is asleep in her cradle and not looking over my shoulder just in case I am writing about her.

Its a grey day and there is no doubt about that.
Why do I think of John Major when its like this?
My main thought for today is the Conservative Party. I find it like Monty Python at the moment that they are lecturing the government, us, the world, everyone etc about the wrongs of capitalism, evil bankers and how could the government have let the bankers and financial institutions get away with being unregulated. Now, this to me is like a serial killer lecturing a police man who shoots someone in the line of duty. Politics aside ( I am no lover of a political party that is by nature racist, homophobic, monarchist, defender of privilege, hypocritical, anti European etc etc etc) but a couple of facts about Cameron and his cronies:

1. Err, what do you think most of them do for a living or have done in some capacity?

2. Examine their friends, peer groups and how many are involved in the city

3. Look at their investments, directorship, school chums, uni chums etc

And, this is fantastic, Cameron and Osbourne were 18mths ago criticising the government for wanting to regulate the financial services industry. Now, don't get me wrong, Brown and Tory part Mk2 dont come out of this mess very well, but they are guilty of complacency and wishing to appease the middle classes of Ing-Er-Lund by keeping a paws off approach to regulation.

For me the only people who come out of this well are, and I really hate saying this, are the friggin Liberals. They have been more or less right about everything that has occurred so far. Vince Cable is my financial guru. My only problem is that everytime I think of the liberals I return to the old Derek and Clive (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) sketch where Derek goes to Clive and says "what would you do for the Liberals?" To which Clive replies "Fuck'em". Not even worthy of ridicule.

So, Labour are incompetent, the Tories are hypocrites (no change there) and the Liberals are not really worth bothering about even if they are right.

Makes you proud to be British eh?

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  1. Just poking around here and found this post;- I miss Derek and Clive.
    You OK?
    Got to get some more Poles from you, may be for Christmas. Who would you use for Polish Lancers? Me thinking Elite or Perry Guard with Polish paint job. Any ideas?
    Who's gonna win the US election? Keep calm there...
    Have fun