Monday, 11 February 2013

First game of General de Brigade

My good friend Daryl and I had our first ever game of General de Brigade Saturday and it was good fun (even if it meant I missed the heroic Welsh team defeating the out of sorts French side in Paris).
First picture is of two "brigades" of Prussians who at the end of the had seized one village and were about to attack the bridge (which I was aiming for).
 French brigade and supporting artillery.
 French cavalry brigade
 The Poles who were defending the bridge
 Prussian cavalry brigade with the heroic Landwehr who fought the French cuirassiers to a stand still ( I threw a double 6.................)
 The Prussians about to assault
 Carabiners about to overrun the horse artillery
 Skirmish screen out front
 Daryl's Perry French. I think he's done a great job.
 The entire brigade
Cavarly melee which was still ongoing when we called it a day.

I liked the rules and didnt find them that slow or too complicated.  Using historical tactics seems to produce the right results and we look forward to giving them another go.


  1. Yeah we get a lot of fun from the GdB rules to. Did you play a scenario from tge books or one of yer own?

  2. All good stuff Roger
    No wonder wales won, you didn't jink them by watching

  3. Great looking game! GdB are a very good set of rules that I prefer for Napoleonics. Good to see the Welsh beat the French too.

  4. Great looking game, thanks for sharing all the pics! Nothing better than breaking out the toys to play. :-)

  5. Great looking figures and game, pictures are really nice!

  6. I agree about GdB. It has all this glorious grand manner feeling while producing rather historical results.

    It's fun too. :-)

  7. Hmmm, I might have a look at the rules then, the results look interesting ;)

  8. We use General de Brigade every week - they never fail to please. Glad to see you playing games not just making toys for the likes of me.
    Hope you're selling buckets of Poles and don't forget to record the next match!
    Best wishes

  9. Thanks everyone. Figures are a mix of Perry, Foundry-Perry and Calpe. Think they all seem to mix together rather well.
    I'm not really a gamer so was pleased with the rules as not been impressed with BP.

  10. Whoops! The Poles are of course Murawski Miniatures available from my good self.

  11. Great looking table, game and figures Roger. GdB rules are a lot of fun and some of the best Napoleonic rules around for 28mm - certainly rival Black Powder! Did you manage to get your Poles into the action?