Monday, 25 February 2013

Polish command and Krakus

Finished basing the first of the Krakus at the weekend.
 I dont think I did Paul's work jsutice although happy with the horses - the flash on the camera produced some off results.
 Detail of 3 at the charge
 The horse tail banner was used to signal orders so I've modelled them here with the officer telling the standard bearer what to do.
 The 12 lancers showing the variety that is possible.
 Side view
 Close up - showns the horse nicely.
 The officer and standard bearer
 Close up of the officer and SB
 Off subject but a little fox I painted for a friend.
 Polish comand: this is the command pack (general and ADC) with a mounted officer added to be another senior officer
 Side view: please note the ADC's horses front hooves are best slightly repositioned so as to be appearing to pull up.
 The line officer as a general. Quite haughty isnt he?
 The ADC
 Rear view
Hope you like the pictures. Not my best work by any means. These are available for sale now and the Uhlans will be ready soon.


  1. Absolutely lovely... Great minis and even though you are unhappy with it, still a good paintjob!

  2. Fantastic looking Polish cavalry...and fox! A great work!

  3. They are really pretty Roger,
    Cracking figures!!!

  4. I had an enquiry from:
    But the email address is not recognised. If anyone knows the gentleman can you ask him to contact me at: roger(dot)murrow(at)

  5. Love the Krakus Roger - even if they appear mounted on a slightly larger breed of horse!

  6. Horse size is correct for light cavalry and to scale. A lot of Krakus were mounted on pony's but I prefer these as they are uniformed to be on light cavalry horses.

    Horses are exactly the same size as the Perry light cavalry ones, which are the same size as their heavy cavalry horses.

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