Thursday, 23 August 2012

Perry French artillery

 Not my greatest work to be honest
 And I really made a meal of the Guard horse
 Why are the wheels on Perry guns so hard to get right?
 The line horse artillery are ok
 Prefer more crew as well
 Four jsut looks wrong to me
 I like the guy aiming though
And I think I did a good job on the base of the Guard foot artillery.
Hope you like them.


  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
    I just order some arty with the Perry extra crew, I to like a full looking crew

  2. You are too critical they look quite nice.


  3. I had the same issue with the guns, and had to use a lot of glue and let if dry nicely to get the wheels up right. The Old Guard Foot Artillery men are a bit stocky too. Not the best Perry set :)

    I also used pieces of cardboard to lift the gun slightly (and compensate for the figures' bases).

    Where did you get your bases from? How thick are they?

  4. Blancard, the bases are the laser cut ones from Warbases. Brilliant. They do have a tendency to warp slightly as tehy are 3mm I think.

  5. Good work and nice result for me! Great work on the base too!