Thursday, 30 August 2012

Murawski Miniatures Paul Hicks Polish artillery

 Just finished my first battery of Duchy of Warsaw Polish artillery
 All in all I am very happy with them
 I used extra figures as I prefer larger crews
 Paul's figures are very good and a joy to paint
 The detialing on the guns is superb as well
 Gave the gunners off-white trousers
 Think the uniform is rather fetching
 S&S 5.5inch French howitzer
 Green watering can is not for sale.
 French 8lb gun
 Detailing of on the barrel
 Master gunner
 Side view of the battery
4 crew and a gun ( unpainted although I do undertake some commissions) are available from my good self at the cost of £11 each.
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  1. I quite like these, and the basing, while subtle, sets them off nicely.

  2. Painting and basing, all is really nice!

  3. They are beautiful!! Very well done indeed.

  4. I have a battery of these, (4 guns & crew) they are excellent models, well cast sculpts. Hope this range works for you so you can finish it and I get lots of lovely Poles!
    Be good,

  5. Roger really really good artillery-i am waiting on your uhlans and some Krakus plus the more campaign looking polish infantry.Peter

  6. Lovely! They look very close to Russians with their colours... Very dangerous! ;-)

  7. Morning all. The guns were painted French olive green (lets be honest here there was no consistent painting of wood work) and the dyes used for cloth would have been erratic to say the least. Campaign Poles due out now; hopefully get some pictures out in a week or so.

  8. I missed these- lovely! Great painting, too. Simon