Friday, 17 August 2012

Napoleonic Prussians

 My first completed army! 1813-15 Prussians
 These are the grenadiers - Perry fusiliers but you cant tell the difference
 I like these a lot
 Skirmishers bases - 2 triangles so can join the line as well

 Flag by GMB of course
 Below my heavy cavalry brigade commanders
 ON the left Perry, right Foundry
 Perry foot and horse artillery limbers
 Perry howitzer with Foundry crew

 Foundry Landwehr cavalry
 I personally think the Foundry Prussians are fantastic

 Some lovely facial details
 I hate doing lance penants

 Foundry heavy brigade - dragoons and cuirassiers
 horse artillery with captured French guns

 Foundry hussars, Perry command and Silesian Uhlans

 Foundry and Calpe reservists - one battalion painted as fusiliers
 Mounted officers for the reservists

 Foundry line infantry ( 2 musketeers and 1 fusiliers)

 Calpe and Foundry landwehr - 2 battalions of each
 Calpe volunteer Jaeger
 Blucher and staff - foundry
Hope you like the pictures. I'd had enough of painting these and the last gun with the limbers took me ages!  Full OOB is:

Grenadiers 1 x 36
Line 3 x 36
+ skirmishers
12 Jaeger

Reservists - 3 x 36

Landwehr - 4 x 36
12 volunteer jaeger

Foot artillery
1 limber, 2 x 12lb, 1 x howitzer


18 x cuirassiers
16 x dragoons
12 x hussars
12 x Uhlans
16 x Landwehr

Horse artillery
1 limber, 2 x 8lb, 1 x howitzer

Brigade command ( Calpe )
Cavalry - Von Ziethen
Heavy cavalry
Light cavalry

To paraphrase ugh Cornwell and the Stranglers.."No more Prussians anymore..........."


  1. Well done Wodger! They look fantastic.


  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Bloody amazing work Rog. Superb.

  3. Stunning work - well done.

  4. Very impressive, but send me a photo (aerial) of your triangular bases, I still pondering this.


  5. Beautiful looking army love the movement in the figures!

  6. Great collection Roger!

    WHats next? Complete your Russians?

  7. Brilliant choice of miniatures. Also reminds on how nice the old Foundry-stuff still is.

  8. an amazing collection! seeing your complete collection I now have enough courage to continue painting my own piles of Perry Prussians!

  9. Fantastic Roger - love the way you do your artillery basing too - beats trying to jam everything on a base that's too small (like most do) Love the old command figures and agree, the Foundry ones are superb. Terrific collection mate.


  10. Looking lovel. I have to say that the Foundry Prussians donot do anything for me (except the Landwehr Cav.) but their paintjob is great! Which is no wonder since I feel your style is very similar to my own! ;-) which I always find comforting... in case I ever loose interest in Painting there will be a painting service that will be able to fit my collection! :-D

  11. Wow a beautiful force. It motivates me to buy more Prussians.