Thursday, 28 July 2011

Battle of Muravski-staag

I fought my first ever real wargame last night with my chum Ken.
 Ken commanded a joint Russian / Prussian force trying to evict a joint French / allied force from a small village.
 The game ended about 11pm with the French still holding onto the village
 However, they were about to be creamed (technical term there) as the Russian juggernaut was about to splatter what was left of the French left flank.
 Good fun, great company, and Ken was very patient explaining the rules to me.
 We used Blackpowder and overall it was good.  I total newcomer picked them up (sort of) quite quickly.
 My only real concern was why should an attack column get as many shots as a line?
 Seems a bit odd to me. There were other things that just didnt feel right to me but may be thats my ignorance.
 Napoleon popped along to have his picture taken.
 The Old Guard were all that stood between a Russian / Prussian victory and salvation at the end.
 The Prussian line were wiped out to man and the game ended when the Bavarian artillery were probably about to do the same to the reservists
 A flurry of orders..............two glasses of red, some ham rolls, pork pie but none of those horrible sausage rolls or Pringles...........
 They looked relaxed dont they?
 Through sheer ineptness I managed to lose all the French cavalry and horse artillery without really achieving much.  Or, I held up the Prussian long enough for the reinforcements to arrive!
 Russian jaegar did well.  B*stards.
The beginning of the Russian onslaught.


  1. Fantastic looking game Roger!

  2. Yeah you should do this more, looks really good! Those rural houses, where would one get a hold of a pair?

  3. Very nice. I was curious how did you do the terrain tiles?


  4. That really does look superb!

    BP could have been written for you, it is a Burgundy and cigars sort of game.

  5. Very impressive looking game!


  6. Lovely looking game with top-notch figures. Do it again soon, please!

  7. Excellent looking game, brilliant looking figures!

  8. A lovely looking game...

  9. It all looks good and it's so much nicer to see your lovely figures layout on some terrain!!!


  10. As above comments, a lovely looking game and figures. In BP an attack column only gets 1 shot compared to a line with typically 3