Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Poles apart and other stuff.

Sculpted by Paul Hicks, directions and finance from me. 

Yes, the mystery is solved, they are mine!  Mine I tell you!  All mine!

This isnt really a commercial decision, although they will be available for sale, but I warn people I will be covering my costs so please dont complain as your complaints will be referred to our customer services department (Puss-fat the cat) and unless you are willing to bribe her with a freshly roasted free range chicken then you have no chance.

Couple of points though:

  • Yes, the range will be added to include a full command including officers on horseback.
  • Possibly will include cavalry and artillery crew.
  • Wurttemburg is next as we can use the same dollies - this is not cheap by the way so if you do want to complain and whinge please doate to the "feed fatso fresh chicken fund instead of manky cat food."

David asked about the buildings from my first wargame; they are made by a company called Conflix - search google or fleece-bay.  They are pretty cheap and excellent quality. Highly recommended.

I've been doing lots of commission work the last few months so not much new from me.  I reckon I've painted a few thousand figures this year and only some artillery for my "good" self.

The real world cup is on at the moment and my lot stuffed South Africa but still f*cking lost by one stupid point!  AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Same old story.

England were truly shocking (hahahahahahahahahahaha) against Argentina who would have beaten them easily but lost their skipper, play maker and inspiration.  Saying that, and this hurts, England showed exactly what South Africa did against Wales, some teams know how to win.

I wont mention the hacking scandal other than to point out that Blair was in bed with Murdoch as much as Cameron, but at least Blair never actually had someone on the payroll who still being paid by him. But then if you know my views about our Old Etonian Dave, jsut call me Dave (when the  camera is on us anyway then its Mr to you peasent) Cameron.

Nos da for now.  Pray for Wales as I cant handle this anymore.


  1. Oo! Oo! Oo! Poles! We loves'em we does! They are great sculpts BTW. If you and Paul are going to do artillery, can I suggest some horsey ones? I wanted the Perry's to one like their ACW Union 'flying' limber & gun - but with Poles!! Funnily enough, they weren't that keen...
    Seriously, the Poles are one of the most under-represented of all types in Nap figure ranges (the quality ones anyway). Wurttemburgers would be second cab off that rank IMO so congrats to you both for doing them. Any contact details etc, boyo for ordering of the figures like?

    BTW the Wallabies just did Oireland so they did - but you'd never have known it in the 1st half - and it looked like the Irish we going to bend us right over once or twice (as they have done in the past). As long as SOMEONE gets to beat the AllBlacks. Please. I mean they're just so rude poking their tongues out and making rude gestures at you before you even play! Makes even the French look civilized.


  2. Sorry - just realized it was the Italians - the Azure - and the Wallabies thumped 'em so I take it all back!

    'Cept for the contact for the Poles - still need that!


  3. Right! These are excellent, when you need some money and a roast chicken let me know, Poles are exactly what I need. I commissioned a range in 15mm once - gave me a real kick!
    Check out my blog marauder moments blogspot

  4. Please let us all know when these are available - can't promise a massive order but 6 x 36 is feasible dependant on price!
    Good move on your part matey, cheers