Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Help! Foundry Russian Napoleonics

I wonder if any of you kind ladies or gents can help me out of a pickle?  No!  Not branston (although with cheddar there is nothing finer) but the Foundry have stitched me up!

A while back I bought some of their Napoleonic Russian regiments; I bought some fatigue cap in great coat, and some in fatigue cap. Guess what? They are exactly the bloomin same!  This means I didn't buy any in fatigue caps and uniform coat during the last sale and I urgently need some!

If you have some spare Russian infantry march attack in uniform coats and fatigue cap I would be most interested to hear from you.  I can either swap you for great coated figures, or full dress with shako.

I'd also be interested in getting hold of some Russian Grenadiers (not guard) in post 1812 kiwer, and French grenadiers pre-1812 in campaign uniform and bearskin.

If you can help drop me an email at:


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  1. Hi, you may check out dave thomas on ebay. He has a lot of foundry for sale at £1 a figure. But I only managed to find this pack of russians: