Friday, 25 September 2009

Painting total for 2009 - part 2

Added to my last tally a couple of months ago we can add the following:

36 Victrix Italians using white undercoat and a nasty accident using vallejo matt varnish. Sob. 8 friggin hours of inking and lining to deal with the worst effects of the varnish but their beauty is still marred!

15 Foundry casualties using the Army Painter stuff as an experiment.

64 Foundry Bavarians that are now safely on their way to Canada.

2 Hovels buildings.

On the whole not a bad total as I dont paint that much and have hardly done any at the weekends.

At the moment am working on some foundry Bavarians por moi, and then back to some more Bavarians for some Canadian meglomaniac.


  1. Pretty good going. I've done about the same, but for me that is the height of productiveness

  2. I've just discovered your blog. You are really producing some fine miniatures, man! Great stuff. And nice sums there. Wish I were that productive.

  3. Hi Doc,

    Glad you like the blog - I wish I could paint as well as you!


  4. Ahem, I'm not megalomaniac! I just have small goals of world domination, is all...

  5. Iannick, you are the only man I know who wants to refight Wagram 1-1 with Foundry 28mm!