Thursday, 3 September 2009

My first houses

Prussian estate agents moving in to get their pound of flesh

Small Franco / Corsican chap wants to put house on market indepedently

The first French regiment I ever painted marching out to deal with Prussian interlopers.

I am quite pleased with the results although the purists will say its Spanish, I have seen very similar houses in Bavaria.


  1. I have the same house serving for me in Mexico! Mind you, I have never been there...but it looks OK to me (with a few palms of course)!


  2. Nice houses; did you sculpt them, or just paint them?

    Now you have some French you are clearly moving closer to staging a wargame. ;-)

  3. ps The houses could even pass for Roman.

  4. Hi Simon

    I think the houses are Hovels. I bought some second hand figs off some bloke and he short changed me. When I played hell he sent me about £50 of Hovels houses.

    How's bat-life?