Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Italians (Victrix) with a white undercoat


  1. I do like those- especially the closeup at the top. Is the guy on the top left wearing eye shadow? ;-)

    Are you using inks on the flesh, or the dreaded Army Painter? Looks good, whatever it is.

  2. These are great, they work for me.
    I can't help thinking white undercoat is the way forwards here....must speed up the process at least I find it does with units with a lot of white

  3. Nice stuff Roger! Love the red, very bright and vivid.

  4. I like the white undercoat, with the new washes I see no benefit from starting with black.

    Nice job.


  5. The saddest thing about these is that I had an accident with vallejo matt varnish and it has marred teh figures. Gutted. But many thnaks for all teh nice comments.

  6. Not bad, for a Burgundy-swilling Guardianista! ;^) Lots of people seem to be painting Victrix up as Italians - makes a nice change from standard French line.

    Sorry to hear about your varnish disaster - hope the figures can be retrieved...

    Best wishes


  7. Hello Giles

    How's my favourite new world swilling, Torygraph reading son of satan doing?

    If you look carefully you'll see the varnish has filled in the flesh, black, and red. I spent four or five hours with washes etc but still they are marred.

    No army painter on these, just layering and an ink wash to start.

  8. I like your Victrix Italians - they look great. Its a real problem with the solvents in a lot of the spray-ons and varnishes attacking plastic - even high density hard stuff. A train modeller showed me a trick with the watery PVA glue they use on terrain sheets etc - give a generous undercoat as a primer. Because it is so watery it won't fill up the figure creases and folds but it will give a protective coating to the plastic. You can also use stuff like cabinet makers MDF glue - 50/50 water mix. I then hit it with a matt black spray then either a spray on or brush white to highlight the basecoat if I'm doing lighter coloured clothing. I feel your pain trying to fix 'em with the washes - the surface is just too roughened by the solvents eating into the plastic. With otherwise lovely figures its enough to make you weep! I reckon the Victrix are a bargain - brigade a box! I got 4 x 14 figure battalions and a 4 figure command out of one - and no two figures in exactly the same pose! Fiddly to put together but plenty of spares and seeing the results you and few others have got - looking spectacular en masse.