Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Painting total for 2009

The total for 2009 isn't too bad actually, especially given that I went self employed, still suffering from a slipped disk in my neck, and the demands of the two ladies in my life (wife and cat in that order unless the cat is behind me..............).

Totals so far are:

  • 20 Foundry Old Guard Grenadiers
  • 72 Calpe Prussian Landwehr
  • 18 Calpe Prussian Jaegar
  • 9 Calpe Prussian Musketeer skirmishers
  • 48 Foundry Bavarians
  • 10 Calpe Prussian mounted officers
  • 36 Victrix Italians

I am also currently 90% of the way through painting my second regiment of Victrix Italians.

I am quite impressed with those totals given that I only paint for an hour or so each night, may be a couple of hours at the weekend, and have other interests as well - wine and rugby mainly.....

Italians should be next up as am totally disenchanted with politics at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. "At the moment"? i'm always disenchanted with politics...ok, maybe I wasn't for like 10 minutes when Obama won!

    That's an impressive painting total you got there, you're getting pretty fast.