Friday, 14 August 2009

Army painter

First of all a quick picture of my white undercoated Italians. I am moderately chuffed with them. Andrea white is the way forward! Thank you Martin Von Kelly! There will be more pic's of these once I've based them etc.

Now, we've all heard about this magic tool called army painter. I was dismissive until I read an article by the chap who paints for Warlord Games and the chariot he did. So, I thought lets see.

I have / had no intention of using it to replace my usual style, but thought it may have uses for giving depth instead of inks, details on brown, toning down fleshes and detailing muskets. So I gave it a go.

I have a load of Foundry French casualty figures and I thought why not see what happens. So I blocked in the basic colours and away you go. I used a grey undercoat by the way.

The whole lot took about 3hrs from start to finish and there were 12 figures.

I was deliberately not very precise as I wanted to see what happened.

The Swiss came out the best (use for red methinks) but not exactly blown overboard by it ever for use with casualty figures.

And white is a no no from what I can see.

I am going to spend an hour or so tarting the figures up, will matt varnish, do the bases and report back but at the moment its anyone want to buy some army painter off me?

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  1. I might take the Army Painter off you possibly. Check my blogs. I've just started wargamming and i'm using the army painter due to lack of skill with a brush! And I think it's good enough for me and gives pretty good results!

    Nice blog by the way!