Thursday, 27 August 2009

Army Painter Part 2

The final figures

These were all touched up, with may be some more highlights, and softening of the "goo".

They were matt varnished and all based to my usual method.
Total time was 20mins per figure.

Would I switch to it?

No. I paint for pleasure, but I can imagine that you can get some good results if you play around with it. And if it means gamers can get better quality armies on the field then why be so snobby about it? Its a good product.

This Swiss could have been very good if I'd spent more time on him.

White jsut doesnt work for me.


  1. hmmmmm The white is indeed disappointing, I've been mulling over a vast Austrian project for a little while, and wondered whether Army Painter might be the quick fix, but this probably isn't the answer...hey-ho

  2. Hi Chris

    It may just be me but I will email you some pictures of the white to see what you think.

    I've jsut got some fantastic results with white using a white base coat, inks from Coat D'Arms then two shades of the thin white and Andrea shadow. It was pretty quick - 36 Italians less than 30hrs. Will post pic's next week.

  3. Chris.

    I use Army Painter and have been painting quite a few Spanish and Romans which feature large areas of white. It might be checking out my blog to see the effects first hand. You get better results by periodically dabbing off some of the painter that collects in undesirable places but i've not done that on all my figures. I just want to get them painted to as high a standard as possible and as quickly as possible so I can get on with the gaming side of things (although I enjoy painting and gaming equally as much!)