Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Murawski Miniatures Krakus painted by Francesco Thau

All I can say is a big "wow".  Please don't take my word for it though - have a look yourself!

 Officer and 2 of the 3 troopers available
 Standard bearer: apparently they didnt use trumpeters or standards.
 By all accounts if was a "follow-me" sort of thing.
 According to some sources the Krakus, made up of the landed gentry and their tenants, were some of the best light cavalry available to Napoleon in 1813.
 Polish horse stock was some of the best in Europe at the time.
 The Krakus were born in the saddle and used to defending what was theirs.
 There is some confusion as to the horses however as Napoleon mentioned some mounted on small ponies. All other references I have seen refer to the Krakus as battle cavalry and this is how we decided to portray them.
 The standard of painting here by Francesco is staggering.
Many thanks to Francesco for sharing the pictures. The Krakus, and an entire range of Grand Duchy of Warsaw Poles are available from me and Murawski Miniatures.


  1. Great looking figures, and presentation...

  2. Beautiful! Both painting and basing.

  3. Amazing figures. These paintjobs really make the figures sing. I especially love the vibrant reds, which make them pop.

  4. Amazing painting, but horses are too big. Napoleon called them: "pygmy cavalry", because they had very small horses. I think that someone mentioned it before. Anyway they look great ;)

  5. Dear Bayard, I mentioned that in the text but that is the only mention, By 1813 the Krakus were used as elite line cavalry; if you check the drawings and paintings from the time most references are of the Krakus on excellent horse stock.

  6. Whoops! One last point regarding the Krakus; Napoleon when he mentioned the pygmy horses also referred to their civilian / scruffy dress, yet it is known (if we can ever be sure) that they were uniformed by late 1813. This would suggest two different units. Our research would suggest uniforms as the figures are pictured, and line horses rather than ponies. Feel free to disagree but what is not in doubt is that a pony does not make a line horse and thats how the Krakus were used.

  7. Excellent painting!Wish they were mine... :(
    Great job.

  8. Ditto your 'wow'. It's nice to have some in the krakuska and some in the circassian cap.

  9. Wows all around for all of the figures, but the brush work on the horses is what really caught my eye. Outstanding!