Tuesday, 12 November 2013

13th Regiment - all 41 figures different

 Thought I'd add some new pictures, especially of those of the 13th regiment (lovely white coats) showing the incredible variety you can get using Murawski Miniatures.
 The picture here shows 35 different figures!
 Then there are 6 different skirmishers.
 I've painted mine in campaign uniform, taking a fair bit of artistic license.
 The pictures below shows the 41 strong battalion with every figure being different.

 The six different grenadiers
 Line companies - I think you can just see the casuality at the back.

 Plan shot
 Colonel, standard bearer, and to the right, the falling casuality.
 Some better pictures of the Vistula legion (please trust me I paint better than the pictures suggest, but I am pretty inept with a camera)
 The grenadier company
 Plan view showing all 20 different figures.
 The skirmishers
 Voltiguer company; I have used the NCO and bugler with my voltiguers to give variety.
Hope you like the pictures.


  1. These are amongst your best stuff yet Roger, good strong pigments in the bright colours really help. I guess we'll have the 13th soon enough! Be good, jeremy

  2. Stunning paintjob, stunning paintjob!

  3. Thanks gents; I think my painting style is too subtle for my inept photography as the contrast and shading seems to have disappeared from the pictures. Oh well. I'm not as good as my Spanish and Italian friends but I dont profess to be. Really appreciate the nice comments though.

  4. So lovely Roger!

    Really looking forward to seeing some IRL!

  5. Hello Burkhard - your figures were posted yesterday.

    1. Thanks Roger! Really looking forward to them.

  6. Superb, Roger! If the photography is as sub-par as you suggest, then they must be something to behold in the flesh, as it were!

  7. Morning, its not just that the photography is really bad, it is, its also that my highlighting and shading are too subtle to be picked up by the camera. I dont have the photo skills to get round the problem. We noticed the problem with a unit of Krakus first which look terrible in the pictures but are really well painted. I almost didnt recognise them when we got them on the table.

  8. Beautiful painting. I really enjoyed looking at your collection.